22 September 2015

Pennsylvania Professional Geologists Rock!

Thank you to those professionals who participated during the 2-day course Improving Hydrogeologic Analysis of Fractured Bedrock Systems.  It was a fun experience for the instructors - and based on the course evaluation forms the participants had a fun and fruitful experience too!

Course Participants with Professionalism and Pride in their Work
Thanks to the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG) who co-sponsored this course and helped organize key elements.  The classroom venue at Penn State Great Valley was a convenient location with experienced on-site hosts.  Anyone who has attended other MidwestGeo Courses can attest to our love of good food...and thanks to Cornicopia Catering for timely lunch!

The course instructors, Ken Bradbury and Maureen Muldoon, and I enjoyed meeting everyone at the class.  Your professionalism abounds and the pride you have in your work is easy to see.  It is a blessing for us to meet you and serve you in order to become responsible stewards of this precious planet.

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