09 February 2015

"Read the Story of a Sedimentary Sequence"

Sedimentary sequences tell a story about not only deposition, but also secondary alterations that impact the physical nature of the sediments.  A critical attribute for reading the story is SOIL COLOR. 

Both primary and secondary colors give powerful clues about important attributes:  (1) Permeability, (2) Drainage, (3) Strength, (4) Compaction, etc.

For environmental investigations, soil color are critical indicators of (1) Water Table (2) Jointing and Fracturing (and it's vertical limits) within Clayey Sediments (3) Contamination.

This 2-part webinar series is long overdue because our industry continues to struggle reading the sedimentary story.  Thankfully Art Bettis from the University of Iowa is available to teach us about these important concepts.

Thank You to Forestry Suppliers, Inc. for allowing registrants to add a Munsell Soil Color Book with their webinar registration at a "below cost" price.   Thank You!

Starting on April 22, this two-part webinar series will help hydrogeologists, environmental scientists, geotech engineers, and soil scientists unravel the complexities of soil and sediment color.  

Registration is open now.