12 June 2014

All-Stars Visit Target Field During Midwest GeoSciences Group Courses

Course attendees from Minnesota and Wisconsin dominated the Owner's Boardroom at Target Field during two ground water courses during the first week in June.  Their all-star dedication to emerging technologies coupled with DNAPL issues were matched by those traveling from across the United States, Canada and Sweden.

A rare glimpse inside the Owner's Boardroom
at Target Field
The 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be played at Target Field in July. Midwest GeoSciences Group extends a hearty thanks to Target Field for allowing access into the Owner's Boardroom for three-days of ground water courses.

Course Venue Location
Ken Bradbury and David Hart started the week with their industry-vision of emerging technologies and conceptual approaches for ground water in fractured rock settings.  Allen Shapiro and Maureen Muldoon were the headliner with their 2-day course dedicated to the Fate and Transport of DNAPL in fractured rock aquifers.

Allen Shapiro and the other instructors gave a glimpse into the future of ground water remediation.... and clean up limitations.  Attendee feedback was powerful - thank you to the course attendees for your interactive participation and especially for your positive feedback and encouragement for future courses.  We never take your registration  - or words -  for granted...and we appreciate your support.
Smiles during Minnesota Twins batting practice

10 June 2014

Special Thanks Extended to Many People Making Courses Fun and Meaningful

Thank you to Target Field for hosting our courses and reception.
On behalf of Midwest GeoSciences Group, thanks to the course attendees, instructors, reception sponsors and the Target Field crew for making the short courses so much fun!

Great memories were made this year during the reception in the Suite during the baseball game.  It was fun to see attendees wearing their favorite Minnesota Twins shirts and other attendees donning their Milwaukee Brewers shirts in all their sartorial splendor.

Sweet memories made in the Event Suite during the official reception during the baseball game between the Minnesota Twins and the Milwaukee Brewers.  Picture by David Sherman.
Although the reception took place during a baseball game, David Sherman the official NBA photographer for the Minnesota Timberwolves stopped by to take photos of our event (Thank you, Dave!).

Ken Bradbury and David Hart in the batter's box during the 7th inning.

Allen Shapiro and Maureen Muldoon touring Target Field before the gates open. Thank you, Target Field staff for fun access and endless hospitality!
Endless hospitality and bottomless stadium food and beverages hallmarked an evening chock full of fun not only in our Suite, but touring the hidden "nooks & crannies" of Target Field too.  We found some up-close-and-personal contact with players, Fox Sports North friends, and front-office staff.

Thank you too to both the Minnesota Ground Water Association and the Wisconsin Ground Water Association for their support with advertising to both Twins fans and Brewers fans!

Cahoy Well and Pump Service
thanked publicly on the giant score board during the game
Conducting courses at Target Field was a fun and unique experience.  Accessing the Owner's Board Room and Target Field when it was essentially void of people was not only special, but helped us gain an appreciation of the full benefits provided a world-class venue.  It was a great place to learn due to the privacy, modern technology, privileged access, and bountiful food.  Thanks again to the course attendees, the instructors, reception sponsors, visitors, and Target Field staff for making these two great courses a great experience.  -Dan.