18 November 2012

State Organizations Accessing Webinars in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana

Geologists and ground water professionals came together in October for their state organizational meetings, each featuring a webinar from the MIDWESTGEO WEBINAR ARCHIVES during their day long meetings.

The Illinois Groundwater Association, the Iowa Ground Water Association and the Professional Geologists of Indiana each recently conducted their fall meetings.  Representatives from each organization independently contacted Midwest GeoSciences Group and inquired about accessing a recorded webinar as part of their fall meeting agenda.  We gladly responded with enthusiastic support!

Smiles during the Illinois Groundwater Association Fall Meeting  (Photo by Tim Kemmis) 

Midwest GeoSciences Group wishes to extend a special thank you to Joyce Day, Diane Lamb, Ed Mehnert, John Quinn, Al Stone, Bianca Colemenares, Steve Bennett, Dan Lombardi and others who attended the Illinois Groundwater Association at Argonne National Laboratory. Extra special thanks go to Joyce and especially to Diane for making it happen, and flawlessly!

We also extend a heartfelt thanks Bob Dustrup, Matt Culp, Roger Bruner, Molly Arp, Cara McCabe, Paul Vandorp and others who attended and facilated the recorded webinar during the Iowa Ground Water Association Meeting in Iowa City.
On behalf of the Iowa Groundwater Association I want to thank both of you and the Midwest GeoScience Group on the slug testing webinar by Dr. Butler that you presented at yesterday’s Iowa Groundwater Association meeting.   Providing a high-caliber training opportunity at our meeting ....  and helping our organization fulfill one of our objectives: to promote education of groundwater issues. -Bob Dustrup, 2012 IGWA President

Last by not least, we wish to thank Rob George from the Professional Geologists Association in Indiana for leading the way and facilitating the recorded webinar for their meeting in Indianapolis.  We look forward to upcoming collaborations during 2013!