26 August 2011

2011 Melbourne, Cairns and Sydney

Ken Bradbury and Maureen Muldoon led the teaching during our 2011 course: Improving Hydrogeologic Analysis of Fractured Bedrock Systems.   Arriving in Melbourne at the end of July, we had the privilege of meeting and teaching a wonderful group of scientists and engineers facing the same common ground water issues we face in the United States.

Hydrogeologic site characterization in the fractured basalts across Victoria pose some unique challenges but our friend and colleague, Tami Weaver, PhD, (URS Corporation, Melbourne) shed light on technical resources and references that outlined a meaningful process to tackle such a seemingly impossible mission.

Thank you to our friends at ACLCA for graciously hosting us in Australia again.  We are inspired by your hospitality and enthusiasm along with the course attendees who travel from across Australia and demonstrate their leadership among these challenging technical disciplines.
Maureen Muldoon at Ayers Rock which is located near the geographic center of Australia and made of Arkosic Sandstone.

Ken Bradbury (with his wife, Kari, in the background) snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and greeting one of the many, many fish species that are often only an arms length away.