25 July 2019

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20 July 2019

Principles of Ground Water Dewatering: The Webinar

Even when we have a decent understanding of the geology, ground water can lead to excavation instability, project delays, and ultimately increased project costs for both the General Contractor and the Owner.

Controlling ground water is a critical factor for construction and can be unexpectedly challenging when water volumes become greater than anticipated at a project site.

Dewatering Pumps
Urban Dewatering
Dewatering demands special consideration of both the construction techniques and hydrogeology like no other engineering task.

There are a multitude of strategies for approaching projects in different hydrogeologic conditions and there are seemingly endless troubleshooting techniques when groundwater becomes that "unexpected problem".
GFLOW model output (Courtesy of Henk Haitjema, PhD)
Project scale can seem daunting too.   Surface water management requires the same attention to planning as pumping ground water for some sites.  Geologic conditions, permitting, logistics, access constraint and even security are critical considerations at some sites....

,,,,,,and simply asking the right question
during the pre-planning phase can make - or break - project budget.

Some common and some unique dewatering techniques from this 35 acre excavation will be presented as case studies during the webinar. 
Midwest GeoSciences Group is tackling these tough questions about dewatering.   Join us for this 90-min comprehensive webinar about not only how to evaluate a project site, but also share strategies for determining potential flow that can be expected from an excavation, how to troubleshoot some sites when excessive water is discovered, and some unique tips about how to manage surface water for a successful dewatering program.  More Here

Bronson Gerken, PG, Technical Director of the Dewatering Design Department at Griffin Dewatering is among the most qualified to teach this important subject.   Griffin Dewatering is one of the largest dewatering companies in the world and has performed over 20,000 dewatering projects.  Griffin Dewatering has allowed Bronson to build, test, and refine many dewatering systems and improvements. He is going to share his knowledge during this purposeful webinar.