28 August 2021

MidwestGeo @ Porchfest Carmel 2021

Porchfest in Carmel, Indiana is just simply one fun community event among several that my family enjoys in the summertime.

In case you haven't heard of Porchfest, it's a free, family-friendly day of music played from neighborhood porches.  This year, 50+ bands will play from 20+ porches in the neighborhood located north of Main Street within the Art and Design District. 

This year, Midwest GeoSciences Group is going to sponsor and support Porchfest on new level.  

Midwest GeoSciences Group had the privilege of serving the City of Carmel on some past hydrogeologic and engineering projects where we sampled the deep soil sequence to bedrock.   Our team developed the geologic model that’s used today by the City, and their contractors.   It’s a unique privilege to decipher geologic history anywhere, but it’s very special when you can do it in your hometown.

MidwestGeo has donated soil columns and stratigraphic posters of “Carmel Geology” to the “All Things Carmel Store”.   If you’re ever interested in talking about Carmel Geology, look us up on our website, midwestgeo.com, and call me anytime.  

You can see how much fun this musical community event it.  After all, isn’t rock music a good fit for geoscience?  (Almost as good as "The Geology of Beer" online event this year, LOL)

15 August 2021

Hydro(beer)ology and "Drinking Drawdown"

In the science of Hydrogeology, we drill borings and install wells.  When we pump ground water, drawdown occurs to the water table surface in a 3D cone shape.  Now, in Hydro(beer)ology drawdown has a "hole" new meaning. LOL

100 pint glass Give-A-Way will happen at the Geology of Beer Event on August 20.  The glass is free, but those 100 random people chosen during the live event will need to pay for shipping.

Midwest GeoSciences Group does not advocate drinking beer or any alcohol.   If you drink alcohol, please do not drive.

12 August 2021

 The Rumor is True!

Some breweries are having WATCH PARTIES for the upcoming Geology of Beer event.  Here's some of the places we've heard are having on-site events to watch the live event online:

Carmel, Indiana

Monrovia, California

Elburn, Illinois

Farmingdale, New York

Are you going to a watch party at your local brewery? If so, where?
What's your favorite brewery? What's your favorite beer?

An educational tasting event 
for beer enthusiasts!

Our expert panelists have finalized the tasting list for the event. Please see the list below for the beer categories that will be discussed at the event. We have included primary suggested beers for you to purchase, as well as secondary suggestions in the event that you can't find the primary beer. It is NOT a requirement to purchase these beers in order to attend. However, a large potion of the event will focus on leading virtual participants through tasting these beers and discussing the geological factors that make them unique.

1. Category: Pilsner

Primary Suggestion: Pilsner Urquell (we recommend purchasing it in cans and drink it from a glass)
Secondary Suggestion: Victory Prima Pils (alternatively, any Czech or Bohemian pilsner in a can or brown bottle)

2. Category: Weizen/Weisse

Primary Suggestion: Franziskaner
Secondary Suggestion: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier

3. Category: Pale Ale

Primary Suggestion: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (we recommend purchasing it in bottles)
Secondary Suggestion: Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale OR Lagunitas IPA

4. Category: Stout

Primary Suggestion: Guinness Extra Stout (we recommend purchasing it in nitrogenated cans)
Secondary Suggestion: Murphy's Irish Stout

REGISTER FOR THIS FREE EVENT online. See you Friday, August 20th, 4pm CT!

Watch parties are not sanctioned, sponsored, or official events. Some breweries are having watch parties and we want you have fun if you attend one. Drinking alcohol of any kind is not required for this event. If you choose to partake in the beer tasting portion of this event, drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive. Arrange for a ride home if you drink alcohol at a watch party.