21 September 2012

Association of Engineering Geologists 2012 Annual Conference

The Association of Engineering Geologists Annual Conference lived up to its tag line:  Ascending to Greater Heights: Elevating Our Profession.    It was fitting because some of the main elements that resonated deepest were about the future of the engineering geology industry.  AEG does a great job of long-term planning and they seem to successfully see into the future and respond to the profession accordingly.  I am impressed by the vision of the AEG leadership and their ability to adapt to market demands, industry trends, and geographic shifts.  AEG is indeed leading the way toward elevating the profession.

This year's meeting was located downtown Salt Lake City with field trips and short courses scattered all over the state.  Utah is an outstanding place to hold a geology meeting.  The irony is my favorite day of exploring was at the Bonneville Salt Flats where we witnessed a car driving over 450 mph! (not directly related to geology, but without the salt flats the speedway couldn't exist!) 
Rock Core Boxes stacked at the Utah Geological Survey Core Repository. 
Bar coding is a trend we see more and more when we visit different core repositories. 

Keegan is pictured at our exhibitor booth.  Thanks to all those who stopped by and said Hello!
....especially to those who stayed a while!
Congratulations to AEG leadership for hosting another world-class conference.  We as members benefit from the conference but in the long run, the public benefits most from our stewardship as professionals with pride in our work coupled with standards and ethics set by the AEG vision.