26 July 2011

Live Webinars vs. Recorded Webinars

Webinars are educational seminars available online.  Live Webinars are taught live by an instructor who receives participants real-time questions using a chat system on the computer screen.  Each Live Webinar is recorded and now available through the WEBINAR ARCHIVES at Midwest GeoSciences Group.

Just click on the link showing the Members Only Section located online at our homepage, midwestgeo.com and then choose your favorite webinar topic from list of recorded sessions.   A wide variety of webinar subjects are available now and more are being added all the time.

Watch the session like you’re in a classroom and listen to internationally-recognized instructors who specialize in each of their topics.  Submerse yourself in these 90-minute educational experiences and gain insights that are found no where else on the web. 

Recorded Webinars offer many benefits besides being available on demand, 27/7.  They simulate classroom sessions encapsulated in an easy-to-access online forum.  Some other benefits include:

  1. Learn from recognized experts in the field
  2. Improve your personal and professional skills and efficiencies
  3. Learn to solve hydrogeologic, environmental and engineering problems we commonly face as professionals
  4. Bring added-value to your projects and continue to build your career.
  5. You can control the webinar progress or let it run automatically.  You have the ability to immediately repeat segments using a control slider, similar to YouTube.
  6. Order Three Webinars and Receive Three More for Free!  Your Membership tracks both your paid and free Webinars automatically!
Not only can you experience the webinar alone or in a group, but every 90-minute webinar is equivalent to one and a half Professional Development Hours.  Each webinar includes downloadable handouts consisting of the Session Slides and a Record of Attendance Form.  Record of Attendance Forms may be used for documenting yours and your colleague’s attendance… in case you have licensure requirements for continuing education units. 

Experience webinars right on your personal computer or broadcast it in your conference room - choosing either a Live Webinar or a Recorded Webinar - both allowing an unlimited number of colleagues for no extra charge.