12 July 2020

The Power of the Chair; an example of a mindset transformation leading to meaningful purpose.

“Nothing trickles up.”  Leaders lead people. Leaders lead companies. That fact is undeniable.

Most people don’t realize the unintended consequences they create by not understanding “the power in the chair.”

At some point in our life, we all lead. When we do, we have an undeniable power.  The origin of the power, our execution of it, and how we are impacted by that power is not completely intuitive.

In the next 9 minutes, you can discover the hidden power in the leadership role - like I did - through a simple change in mindset.

And…quite frankly…be prepared, this video often stunned me and it might stun you.

Understanding the leadership role helps all of us maximize our leadership potential, and prevent unintended negative consequences. The video is an example of how a CHANGE IN MINDSET can immediately change your behavior.  Tutorials like these are included in the Truby Achievements Membership. 

Watch the video and let me know how it impacts you.

-Dan Kelleher