30 September 2019

Field and Analysis Component will Include Pneumatic Slug Testing during the 2019 Aquifer Testing Course at In-Situ, Inc.

We will be conducting slug tests using the Pneumatic Hi-K Slug Assembly on October 17, 2019 during the aquifer testing course at In-Situ, Inc.  For the first time ever, we will be adding a field and analysis component to the aquifer testing course with the additional of the four newly installed wells at In-Situ, Inc.  The wells were installed for the purpose of teaching during this course.
Participants will see and practice slug testing in the new wells using the SOLID H(o) SLUGs for obtaining different expected initial displacements.    Then participants will practice transferring the test data from the transducer into AQTESOLV followed by choosing the appropriate analysis strategy and analyzing the data.

We will introduce the "BIG SLUG" during the course too.  The "BIG SLUG" is designed and built specifically for conducting slug tests in 4-inch diameter wells with known initial displacements (H(o)).

One of the most powerful elements of field practice is troubleshooting.  Everyone can appreciate the mastery of "thinking on your feet" to recognize questionable conditions, assess the problem, and then find the solution.   This course is designed to allow participants to "think on their feet" and talk-through field observations while recognizing and solving any questionable conditions that may normally arise during field and analysis steps.  How priceless is this skill?

Aquifer Testing for Improving Hydrogeologic Site Characterization
featuring AQTESOLV and the In-Situ, Inc Level TROLL

October 15-17, 2019

Instruction from Jim Butler, PhD, and Glenn Duffield

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