13 December 2023

New York State Council of Professional Geologists Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs Nov 2023.

 Photos from the New York State Council of Professional Geologists Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs 13-15 Nov 2023.

10 December 2023

Long Island Geo Minds At Work


Congratulations to Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd. for your successful completion of the Classroom Intensive, TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF THE SUBSURFACE.   Your enthusiasm and positive energy was contagious!   You nailed ALL of the soil classifications of the samples, and your practice soil boring log exercises were PERFECT!

You're the doctor and the soil core is your patient!   Way to go!

Great companies don't happen by accident.  Laurel Environmental Associates has a big advantage by it's excellent and visionary leadership, Scott Yanuck.  

06 December 2023

Learning to Translate the Sedimentary Sequence to Soil Boring Logs


Congratulations to the geoscience-minded professionals at Crawford & Associates Engineering & Land Surveying, PC in Hudson, New York!    Each participant successfully completed the day-long training TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF THE SUBSURFACE.  

This group gets the award for the most thoughtful questions so far.  Their engagement and dialogue enriched the depth of the training experience for me, the instructor, Dan Kelleher.  But also their excellent questions helped each other relate to how they USE soil boring logs, not just CREATE them.  Well done!

22 November 2023

Modern Technologies for Fractured Bedrock Investigations

Thank you to the participants of "Modern Technologies and Emerging Techniques for Assessing Complex Hydrogeologic Systems in Fractured Bedrock" in Calgary. 

What a great group!! 

The positive energy and enthusiasm stood out to the instructors and me.  Special thanks to Matrix Solutions, Inc., Pathway Environmental Solutions, Inc., (and the Calgary Flames NHL Hockey Team too).

29 September 2023

Aquifer Testing Course 2023

We as instructors and organizers often measure the success of courses based on participant engagement and energy.   Each year, the aquifer testing course seems to overflow with enthusiastic participants with a noticeable positive energy, and this year was no exception.

Thank you to all of the participants for making 2023 a truly enjoyable and enriching experience. Let's keep working together.

-Dan Kelleher.

04 April 2023

New Pint Glasses: GeoMan and GeoWoman

 Just released in time for EARTH DAY 2023!