23 October 2014

What's New In Aquifer Testing?

Thank You to the participants who attended the 2014 Aquifer Testing Course in Fort Collins. On behalf of the instructors and myself, you helped make this year's course one of the most enjoyable and memorable ever!

Thanks to our host, In-Situ, Inc, for sponsoring this powerful course at their headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado.  In-Situ staff hospitality overflows with their friendly welcome and professional organization of facility tours, a fun evening reception, and a glimpse into the inner sanctum of the world's leading manufacturer of aquifer testing equipment.

2014 Aquifer Testing Course Participants

Jim Butler's and Glenn Duffield's abilites to teach and connect with people coupled with their content provide the core to this 2-day educational experience.  One of the unmentioned benefits of the course besides simply learning and enjoying the experience is gaining accessibility to both of these recognized experts.    

When the course is complete and we have all returned home, sometimes technical questions arise, right?  

The course creates familiarity with the instructors who offer their assistance to professionals beyond the classroom.  Glenn Duffield is the author of AQTESOLV and his door is open to course participants that ask for assistance with data analysis after the course is complete. Plus, In-Situ provides technical assistance of all types, all the time.

We never take course and webinar registrations for granted and we recognize our responsibility to truly help each other on all levels.  Thank you for giving us that opportunity to help you.  -Dan