24 September 2013

Diagnostic Tools, Derivative Analysis and Solution Strategies for Aquifer Pumping Tests at In-Situ, Inc.

Course Attendees during the 2013 Course at In-Situ, Inc.

Diagnostic tools, derivate analysis and solution strategies for aquifer pumping tests were mastered by a full house at In-Situ, Inc Headquarters this week in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The group photo above exhibits the great smiles at the morning break during the 2-day (Sept 23-24) course: Aquifer Testing for Improved Hydrogeologic Characterization: Featuring AQTESOLV and the In-Situ Level TROLL. 

Jim Butler, the author of "The Design, Performance and Analysis of Slug Tests", started the course by his teaching the principles of slug testing while eloquently updating us on strategies for gaining reliable slug test results and what to look for to identify those areas where conditions may yield some uncertainty of test results.

Glenn Duffield, the creator and mastermind of AQTESOLV software, dives into analysis strategies for both slug tests and pumping tests.  The insights gained from the diagnostic methods and derivative analysis are powerful tools for hydrogeologists who conduct aquifer pumping tests.

The experts at In-Situ, Inc provide priceless insights about data collection and management while transferring it to the AQTESOLV software.  The facility tour is an eye-opening experience about how transducers and water-quality instrumentation are made.

Thank you to the participants for making the course a super fun event!  We admire and respect your questions, stories and experience that you share during the course and welcome you to keep sharing them through your calls, texts, emails and tweets!

25 August 2013

AEG and MidwestGeo Join Forces To Bring Online Education to Everyone!

AEG and Midwest Geosciences Group announce a new and powerful collaboration bringing professional education to everyone. This new collaboration expands the variety of technical topics enhancing our discounting programs and international participation!
 "We are thrilled to join forces with AEG for online education! AEG members are leaders in engineering geology and this collaboration fits well with Midwest GeoSciences Group. I expect our collaboration will quickly grow by offering new topics, expert instructors, and some of the deepest discounts ever to make continuing education more affordable."
-Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM, President of Midwest GeoSciences Group
AEG is the international leader in environmental and engineering geology, and greatly respected for its stewardship of the profession. AEG offers information and expertise on environmental and engineering geology to practitioners, scientists, students, and the public. 

Midwest GeoSciences Group continues to grow as the recognized leader in education and training for the hydrogeologic, environmental and geotechnical industry. Our Group fills the tremendous need for up-to-date technical information, provides basic training and skill development, and demonstrates best practices without commercial bias. 

Our goal at Midwest GeoSciences Group is to provide people with the latest technical information to help people do their job better and more efficiently, and to become aware of the people and resources that can be helpful to them for successful project completion. This collaborative Webinar Program advances these goals.
Our Mutual Mission for this Collaborative Program: 
  • Online education to AEG Members - with CEU options
  • Exclusive discounts to AEG members.
  • Platform for AEG members to present instructional webinars with international participation
  • Special features such as pre-webinar AEG forums and handouts.
  • Select AEG webinars offered free of charge.
  • Promote AEG membership - one time webinar discount for new members joining AEG.
  • AEG Sections benefit through revenue-sharing and membership.

31 July 2013

ON-DEMAND WEBINARS: Milestone Achievement with Thanks

Thanks to all of the webinar participants who access our ON-DEMAND WEBINARS!   It is a privilege to serve you while promoting best practices among professionals on a global scale.

Midwest GeoSciences Group recognize the difficulty in keeping up to date with technical advances in our environmental and engineering industry.  What we strive to do is provide meaningful education and training that you can readily use in your own work.  We are motivated to serve you and hope that our collaborative efforts fulfill our human purpose and global stewardship.  

Midwest GeoSciences Group reached another milestone offering 70 webinars in the on-demand library!   We are thrilled to grow our library of on-demand webinars that show case some of the most valuable attributes:
  • Meaningful Subjects
  • Recognized Expert Instructors
  • CEU certificates available from Northern Illinois University
  • 90-minute sessions that include the unlimited Question and Answer (post-webinar) session
  • Unlimited attendance at one location from one computer site.
  • Candid and expert insights that are found no where else on the web 
 Every webinar includes at least TWO FREE HANDOUTS:
  1. Webinar Session Slides
  2. Record of Attendance Forms
Front Page of the Webinar Session Slides from a recent webinar
Every participant has the option to order a webinar completion certificate from Northern Illinois University for 90 minutes showing 0.15 Continuing Education Units (1.5 PDH equivalent).

We learn that most participants order MidwestGeo Webinars to increase their knowledge and skills from nationally and internationally-recognized experts....and they grab their CEUs along the way.  If you join one of our webinars solely for CEUs, we believe that you'll return for the high-quality and meaningful instruction.

Thank you again to all those who have ordered on-demand webinars ... and live webinars too!  We never take your participation for granted and we want you to always achieve your educational and training objectives whether you take a webinar or an on-site short course!

20 June 2013

Course Notebooks: The Never-Ending Resource of a Midwest GeoSciences Group Course

We are amazed with the expertise, enthusiasm and energy of the people who attend our short courses.  To the credit of both the instructors and the attendees, the outcome of most courses feel like a historic event when I look back at most courses.

One of the key elements to prolong the life and effectiveness of any course experience is the COURSE NOTEBOOK.   It is amazing when I hear stories from long-past course attendees who routinely turn to their Course Notebook for the answer to help them face a technical challenge. 

There are two people attending the Advanced Aquifer Testing Course in Calgary, Alberta who provide a testament to this observation.  Sitting in the front row of the class is Laura whom I notice is filling her notebook chock full of notes, page-by-page-by-page-by-page.  The 500+-page course notebook is filling up with "gold nuggets" that are verbally presented by the instructors.  Her approach to taking notes includes tabs and post-it notes that prioritize the importance of her notes.  Wow, this is awesome!!

Laura's notebook is chock full of notes on nearly every page!
To our surprise, a past course attendee is here taking the course again....plus he brought his course notebook to share how the notebook continues to prove a useful reference.  Todd Myse attended our first 3-day advanced level aquifer testing course in Miami back in 2005...and is attending the course again to re-re-fresh his mastery of aquifer testing.

Great job, Todd!  You not only have maximized the use and life of that hefty notebook, you carried it TO a course!
We obviously enjoy meeting course attendees.....the iinstructors of Midwest GeoSciences Group courses take pride in attendees when we see how our courses play a positive role in both their work plus being responsible stewards of this planet that was given to us by our Creator.

21 January 2013

We listen and learn from you .... plus we are practitioners too.  We respond to you and industry trends by developing courses, webinars and field tools that aim for best practice procedures and meaningful technical approaches.  As a result, a special 23-webinar series called The Contaminants of Concern Webinar Series was developed and you're invited to experience it.

What is this webinar series all about?
The Contaminants of Concern Webinar Series includes emerging contaminants that are just now receiving public attention; challenging, fast-moving, persistent contaminants; and managed contaminant sources in the environment like: 

Emerging Contaminants

  • 1,4-dioxane
  • Perfluorchemicals (PFCs)
  • 1,2,3-trichloropropane
  • Pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and antibiotics
  • Perchlorate
  • Viruses and bacteria

Challenging, persistent chemicals

  • Coal tar and wood-treatment chemicals
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium

Managed contaminant sources

  • Landfill leachate/landfill gas
  • Road Salt
Why is this webinar series important?
Remediation technology is ever increasing, and with it, the demand for the latest up-to-date information. Midwest GeoSciences Group meets the need with the Contaminants of Concern Webinar Series for professionals working in the fields of environmental consulting, site remediation, groundwater investigations, water quality issues, and brown field developments. The series highlights Instructors who are recognized experts from government and industry.

Regulators, consultants, engineers and hydrogeologists will appreciate the webinars for providing an overview of the various contaminant's origin, chemistry, means of site characterization, environmental fate and transport, remediation technologies, and discussion of real-world cases studies.

What are some advantages of MidwestGeo Webinars?
Our webinars are designed to be the highest quality webinars available in the environmental and engineering industry, period. I realize that's a bold statement, but its our goal.  We are selective about our instructors and how they teach their material.  Our instructors don't read a chapter out of a text book during a webinar nor will you find yourself "out of luck" if you miss it or have an unforeseen circumstance if you cannot access an event, for any reason. Other benefits include:

  • Globally accessible
  • High quality video and audio using premium WebEx platform.
  • Interactive
  • Unlimited attendees per registered site
  • Taught by recognized experts
  • 90-minutes each (1.5 PDH)
  • Unlimited Question & Answers (Q&A)
  • Discounts available for multiple webinars 

You're invited to join us for this landmark webinar series.  It promises to be a lot of fun plus technically beneficial along the way.