31 July 2013

ON-DEMAND WEBINARS: Milestone Achievement with Thanks

Thanks to all of the webinar participants who access our ON-DEMAND WEBINARS!   It is a privilege to serve you while promoting best practices among professionals on a global scale.

Midwest GeoSciences Group recognize the difficulty in keeping up to date with technical advances in our environmental and engineering industry.  What we strive to do is provide meaningful education and training that you can readily use in your own work.  We are motivated to serve you and hope that our collaborative efforts fulfill our human purpose and global stewardship.  

Midwest GeoSciences Group reached another milestone offering 70 webinars in the on-demand library!   We are thrilled to grow our library of on-demand webinars that show case some of the most valuable attributes:
  • Meaningful Subjects
  • Recognized Expert Instructors
  • CEU certificates available from Northern Illinois University
  • 90-minute sessions that include the unlimited Question and Answer (post-webinar) session
  • Unlimited attendance at one location from one computer site.
  • Candid and expert insights that are found no where else on the web 
 Every webinar includes at least TWO FREE HANDOUTS:
  1. Webinar Session Slides
  2. Record of Attendance Forms
Front Page of the Webinar Session Slides from a recent webinar
Every participant has the option to order a webinar completion certificate from Northern Illinois University for 90 minutes showing 0.15 Continuing Education Units (1.5 PDH equivalent).

We learn that most participants order MidwestGeo Webinars to increase their knowledge and skills from nationally and internationally-recognized experts....and they grab their CEUs along the way.  If you join one of our webinars solely for CEUs, we believe that you'll return for the high-quality and meaningful instruction.

Thank you again to all those who have ordered on-demand webinars ... and live webinars too!  We never take your participation for granted and we want you to always achieve your educational and training objectives whether you take a webinar or an on-site short course!