10 February 2017

Reading the Story that the Sediments are Telling

The Essential Steps for Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface Online Course is like a webinar on steroids.   The experience combines lectures with quiz and question challenges along with hands-on practice for identifying sedimentary structure, recognizing weathering zones and soil texturing in a way that Cirque du Soliel or KISS might design it.

Thank you to those who enrolled into the Offline Tutorial Workshop!  Tim Kemmis and I had a blast listening and learning from you....and despite our pride in helping you through this educational experience, we are humbled to help you unravel sedimentary mysteries in the subsurface.

Special Thank You to Betsy Schamberger, President of Moonstone Environmental for your fun participation during the Workshop and sending us photos of Bryan and Derrick (and yourself) practicing their soil texturing skills!  Your mastery of classifying and texturing abounds!

Betsy and Derrick at Moonstone Environmental

Practice makes perfect: classification is just one of several key steps

Calibrated soil samples are the key to classification mastery.
This is how Betsy described the hands-on workshop with the MidwestGeo Super Soil Kit:

"Working with the soil kit was by far the most useful training we have had in years. This is such a fundamental skill, but most of us haven't actually studied soil texture since college. It was great to get our hands on known standards and refresh our memories on proper soil characterization methods.  Now I know our soil logs will be accurate and reproducible."

If you're in the field and have questions about the sedimentary sequence you see and feel, our phone line is open and we'd be glad to just hear from you.   To those peeps who already call us, thank you for the honor of thinking of us.   Phone: 763.607.0092  or  Email at: service@midwestgeo.com