25 July 2014

You wanted it, you got it.....the MIDWESTGEO SUPER SOIL KIT !!

This is the most powerful tool ever designed to teach soil classification.

"This kit is a one-of-a-kind, "must-have" collection of calibrated soil samples and instructions that are only available through Midwest GeoSciences Group - there has never been a tool like this, ever."

The MIDWESTGEO SUPER SOIL KIT is a one-of-a-kind collection of calibrated soil samples classified according to both the USDA Textural Classification and the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS).

This kit is in limited supply. Only 50 kits are available because the soil sources are limited in quantity.  We are accepting Pre-Orders now and all the kits will be shipped on September 24, 2014.   Once the kit is sold out, it will be discontinued and orders will no longer be accepted.  So, don't wait to order this kit.  Orders are taken on a first come, first served basis.

comes with 12 voluminous calibrated soil samples
and all the instructions you need to learn or teach soil classification.
For the first time ever you can see and feel the contrasts between SILT (ML), LEAN CLAY (CL), and FAT CLAY (CL) at the same time, anywhere, anytime.

For the first time ever you can see and feel the constrasts between WELL GRADED SAND (SW), POORLY GRADED SAND (SP), POORLY GRADED SAND WITH CLAY (SP-SC), and CLAYEY SAND (SC) and quickly master the skills to recognize and accurately classify the soil.

Twelve calibrated soil samples classify among the twelve regions of the USDA Textural Triangle comprise the MIDWESTGEO SUPER SOIL KIT.  The twelve samples are sieved and dried to enable you to carefully examine the details of texture without being distracted by coarse sand or gravel.  Plus, the 400 ml+ volume is sufficient for many tests.


While supplies last, you can order additional calibrated soil samples to super-size your kit. Add 8 additional samples are to help illustrate the contrasts between "well-graded" and "poorly-graded" gravel along with "poorly-graded sand" with variable ratios of both clay and and silt with gravel fractions.

Reasons to Super-Size It!
  • See the contrast between Well-Graded Sand (SW) and Poorly-Graded Sand (SP)
  • Feel the contrast between "Poorly Graded Sand" (SP), "Poorly Graded Sand with Clay" (SP-SC) and "Clayey Sand" (SC)
  • Feel the differences between "Lean Clay", "Lean Clay with Sand", and "Sandy Lean Clay"
  • Includes "Modified USCS Designation" for Cohesive Sediments for classifications used in Canada and Australia
  • 400+ ml samples, this is double the volume of the standard "USDA Calibrated Soil Kit" by Midwest GeoSciences Group
  • Plastic jar containers with lids and labels
  • Quiz Sheet
  • Answer Key
Add the OPTIONAL SUPER-SIZE ADD-ON to your order and receive the most comprehensive collection of calibrated soil samples of all time.

"Super-Size" your kit with 8 additional samples
that classify differently than the base kit.

This item is heavy. The MIDWESTGEO SUPER SOIL KIT weighs nearly 20 pounds (9 kg). Optional Super Size Add-On weights approximately 14 pounds (6.3 kg). Collectively, this is 34 pounds of calibrated soil...it's a monster !!