24 September 2013

Diagnostic Tools, Derivative Analysis and Solution Strategies for Aquifer Pumping Tests at In-Situ, Inc.

Course Attendees during the 2013 Course at In-Situ, Inc.

Diagnostic tools, derivate analysis and solution strategies for aquifer pumping tests were mastered by a full house at In-Situ, Inc Headquarters this week in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The group photo above exhibits the great smiles at the morning break during the 2-day (Sept 23-24) course: Aquifer Testing for Improved Hydrogeologic Characterization: Featuring AQTESOLV and the In-Situ Level TROLL. 

Jim Butler, the author of "The Design, Performance and Analysis of Slug Tests", started the course by his teaching the principles of slug testing while eloquently updating us on strategies for gaining reliable slug test results and what to look for to identify those areas where conditions may yield some uncertainty of test results.

Glenn Duffield, the creator and mastermind of AQTESOLV software, dives into analysis strategies for both slug tests and pumping tests.  The insights gained from the diagnostic methods and derivative analysis are powerful tools for hydrogeologists who conduct aquifer pumping tests.

The experts at In-Situ, Inc provide priceless insights about data collection and management while transferring it to the AQTESOLV software.  The facility tour is an eye-opening experience about how transducers and water-quality instrumentation are made.

Thank you to the participants for making the course a super fun event!  We admire and respect your questions, stories and experience that you share during the course and welcome you to keep sharing them through your calls, texts, emails and tweets!