05 June 2019

Horizontal Well Hydraulics - The Webinar Series

Horizontal well hydraulics is a science like no other.

Conventional well hydraulics are based on vertical wells, and why wouldn't it be?  After all, the analytical solutions established for well hydraulics were derived when drill rigs were drilling vertically downward!

Today, drilling is phenomenal.  Drilling technologies are essentially limitless in terms of direction, depth, multiple wells in a single borehole entry point, minimal footprint, etc. 

after Bakker et al. 2005, Groundwater
But predicting well production rates of a horizontal well is unlike calculating yield in a vertical well. The analytic solutions for horizontal wells are limited, while three-dimensional numeric models are cumbersome in view of the high degree of grid resolution required near the horizontal well (or laterals of a radial collector well).

If that isn't daunting enough, constraints for horizontal well production occur in lots of ways.  It's not just geologic conditions that can wreak havoc for uncertain production rates, but other factors too cause constraints.  It's better to be prepared with informed planning in contrast to troubleshooting a poorly producing well.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is tackling this challenge.   We are taking a big first step to unraveling the complexities of horizontal well hydraulics by announcing a two-part webinar series dedicated to this special topic:

Register now for this important webinar topic if you manage sites where horizontal wells are used, or may have the potential for use.  Questions?   call Dan Kelleher at 763.607.0092
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