29 February 2016

A Few Ways that On-Site Coordinators Can Enrich a Webinar Experience

We look for ways to improve everyone's webinar experience.  Thanks to participants who have shared their ideas and strategies to enrich a live or on-demand webinar experience and add value along the way.  

Here are some ways that On-Site Coordinators can enrich a webinar experience:

1.       Designate a space that is conducive for uninterrupted events. 
2.       Invite special guests to the event.  Inviting clients and stakeholders to share a webinar at your office through mutual interests.
3.       Create a list of questions before the event.  Prepare questions to ensure your educational objectives are achieved.
4.       Determine your CEU requirements. Understand your licensure CEU requirements and state to state differences.
5.       Be a good on-site host.  Create an environment conducive to learning with beverages, comfortable chairs, appropriate lighting, and room temperature.  Be proactive to eliminate distractions such as individual laptops in your group setting.
6.       Engage the instructor.  Join the Question and Answer Session and then take 10 minutes more to discuss at your site.
7.         Offer feedback.  Assess the quality of the webinar.  Recognize how promotional material may cause a conflict of interest in the educational message. 
8.         Thank your guests and distribute post-webinar material.  Forward post-webinar emails with CEU options to your attendees and invite their feedback too.

You are invited to share how you enrich webinars and add value to the experience too.

Midwest GeoSciences Group offers a Subscription Service for On-Demand Webinars along with live events.   Subscriptions are perfect for training your staff for soil logging, rock core logging, environmental sampling, wellinstallation, slug testing, etc.

CEUs are available from Northern Illinois University.