27 January 2024

Excellence abounds at LANDMARK ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

EXCELLENCE abounds at LANDMARK ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  

I am proud to simply know the staff at Landmark Environmental, Inc. irrespective of their many accomplishments and achievements.   I recognize synergy in teams and this one has it.  

A few things that will always stand out about that day of training.  The first thing that struck me is the positive leadership energy of Jerry Mullin in preparing and welcoming me at the door for the training.  But the entire team was so gracious, from start to end. The workspace is brilliant with a beautiful indoor area for working with field equipment.  The modern office space and technology is optimized for friendly use.  But most of all, the positive culture is obvious and that spurs the synergy I witnessed all day.   

Thank you to each person who attended the training. I recall each of you, by name. :-)  Keep up the good work and keep TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF THE SUBSURFACE.   

-Dan Kelleher.

Jessica and Jerry digging into the soil classification exercises.