23 December 2020

Congratulations Jim Butler!

Jim Butler, Ph.D.

Jim Butler, senior scientist and geohydrologist at the Kansas Geological Survey, is the 2020 recipient of the National Ground Water Association's M. King Hubbert Award.

The association's highest scientific honor, the award is given annually for major scientific or engineering contributions that advance the understanding of groundwater through research, writing, teaching, and practical applications.

With KGS colleagues, Butler developed a new way to use the annual water-level data, along with data submitted to the state by large-volume water users, to glean important insights about the response of aquifers when pumping is reduced to slow declines in groundwater levels.

"I've been very fortunate to work with an excellent group of colleagues who are deeply committed to addressing issues of significance to Kansas," Butler said. "We have strived to make a difference and it is gratifying to find others feel that we have."

Late last year, Butler produced a significantly revised edition of his book, "The Design, Performance, and Analysis of Slug Tests," which has become the standard reference for an economical and dependable method used to, among other things, obtain the information needed to help assess threats posed by sites of groundwater contamination.

We at Midwest GeoSciences Group are thrilled for Jim and honored to collaborate with him during the aquifer testing courses, webinars, field guide development, and discussions during our favorite Asian-fusion dinners on the road!

Portions of this blog were taken from the Public Outreach announcement by the Kansas Geological Survey.

Here are some photos of Jim and friends
from the MidwestGeo Archive:.  

Dan Kelleher, Jim Butler, Ken Bradbury, and Glenn Duffield

Jim teaching advanced aquifer testing in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Jim coaching a participant with AQTESOLV

Jim preparing for batting practice at Camden Yards.  
[OK, we didn't bat, but the Camden Yards staff opened the field for us and hosted pre-game tour and facilitated a game suite with Tippy Martinez (past Oriole and MLB  record holder) during an evening game]

Shlomo Neuman, Glenn Duffield, Jeff Simpson, and Jim Butler

Action shot of Jim teaching at In-Situ, Inc in Fort Collins, Colorado

Jim and his wife, Yun, at Yosemite National Park

22 December 2020

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you this year. You hear us say these words during courses, workshop and webinars: What we strive to do is provide meaningful education and training that you can readily use in your own work. We are motivated by serving you with hope that our collaborative efforts help all of us become successful professionals who strive to always improve our God-given talents while achieving effective global stewardship.

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