22 December 2020

Training Everyone at your Organization

Everyone is working from home these days.  SUBSCRIPTIONS allow you to order training webinars for yourself, or your entire organization.  Pricing has never been lower, so the timing has never been better!

Choose either: (1) Individual Webinars (2) Subscription Packages, or (3) Comprehensive Online Courses

1. Get the Single User Subscription for yourself.

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2. Corporate User Subscription for all staff working from home.

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3. Go Unlimited! (Yes, unlimited!!)

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List of Webinar Categories:

•  Subsurface Characterization (11 webinars)
•  Aquifer Testing (27 webinars)
•  Ground Water Monitoring System Design (4 webinars)
•  Ground Water Modeling (2 webinars)
•  Engineering Geology (6 webinars)
•  Vapor Intrusion (4 webinars)
•  Hydrogeology Of Glacial Deposits (5 webinars)
•  Environmental and Engineering Field Testing (10 webinars)
•  Contaminant Characterization And Remediation (9 webinars)
•  Contaminants Of Concern (23 webinars)
•  Ground Water Statistical Analysis (5 webinars)
•  Environmental Forensics (2 webinars)
•  Project Management and Leadership Development (24 webinars)
•  Ethics (8 webinars)
•  Drones for Geoscience (4 webinars)
•  Google Earth Pro for Geoscience Professionals (6 webinars)

Online-Offline Course:

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Webinar Subscriptions last 15 months.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

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