12 August 2016

Sandi Morris Olympic Pole Vaulter

Harry Morris - geologist colleague and friend - is experiencing the history that his daughter is making at the 2016 Olympics.  His daughter, Sandi, is on the United States Olympic Team preparing to pole vault her way into the history books.
GeoMan Harry Morris at 2016 Olympics in Rio
(Lookin' Great, Harry!)

UPDATE:  Sandi Morris WON THE OLYMPIC SILVER MEDAL and set the American Olympic Record in Rio... CONGRATULATIONS SANDI!

Sandi @ 2016 Olumpics

Sandi had an advantage as a vaulter at a young age because her Dad, Harry, was a pole vaulter too.    Not only is Harry a professional colleague and friend to me, he is a fellow pole vaulter.  Although the timing of our paths didn't cross at Western Illinois University, we both pole vaulted for WIU during our college days and we worked together well, but our competitive nature overflowed a few times outside of work.  I admit Harry beat me in a barefooted race when we raced on the grass in our white shirt and ties during a lunch...once.

It's an amazing perspective to see Harry's professional journey from my vantage point:  a friend whom I have a cosmic connection who has a daughter with world-class God-given athletic abilities rising to the top of international pole vault competition.  I'm so, so proud of the whole Morris family.

Anyone with kids in sports knows it's a family affair and I tip my hat to proud wife and mother, Kerry Morris.  Best wishes to the entire Morris Family.    -Dan Kelleher 

Harry, Sandi, and Kerry at the 2015 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships