25 April 2024

Photos from the 2-day course: MODERN CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY

 April 9-10, 2024

MODERN CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY, a 2-day CE training course

at The Palladium, Carmel, Indiana

(The Center of Performing Arts)

22 April 2024

Summary Video Published by the City of Carmel, Indiana


The City of Carmel captured the essence of "being there" and experiencing this astronomical event in all it's glory. Special thanks again to so many people who helped Midwest GeoSciences Group make the Solar Eclipse Viewing Station ( and the Library Lecture Series ) happen.

End of the video captures an emotional moment for me.


The photo below was published by Hamilton County Tourism. Congrats to the entire team who provided a stellar event experience.

19 April 2024

Experiencing the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE

 April 8, 2024

Located at the Civic Square Gazebo and Carmel City Hall, 2,000+ people experienced the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE.   

Midwest GeoSciences Group built the City's Solar Eclipse Viewing Station.  Our live stream was broadcasted on eleven different channels with over 6,000 unique IP addresses visiting our midwestgeo.com website on April 8, 2024.

A special Thank You is extended to Danny McFeely who tipped the first domino back in August 2023 that triggered our contribution.  Thank you too to Anne O'Brien, Nancy Heck, and Shela Much for the initiation of the project (and for your patience through my trial and errors before finding the solution).  

A big Thank You to Melanie Brewer for your fantastic facilitation of it all.   Thanks to Meg and Brad Osborne, David Gibbs, David Ryan, Sam Moffitt, Todd Luckoski, Morgan Rinehart, George Zhang, Scott Osborne, Sue McFeely, Chelsey McFeely, Mike Byers, Tim Griffin, Kent Becker, Greg Scholer, Josh Placzek, Sue Finkam, Jim Brainard, Jeff Worrel and the good people at both ASTRONOMICS, Inc. and CELESTRON, Inc.

Thank you Josh Hopper for allow me to publish your photo taken from the airplane window during your flight to the Midwest GeoSciences Group course: MODERN CONTAMINANT HYDROLOGY.

Thank you to Dr. Tom Sale, Dr. Donna Jurdy, Marilyn and Joel Fish, Dr. Ken Bradbury, Melissa Smith, Aspen Whitehead, and Chris Mulry. 

Thank you, Dan Korth, for all you do.

Mentioned last but first on the list, Thank You Lori.

Here's the photo from Josh Hopper: