17 October 2011

Geological Society of America National Meeting in Minneapolis Oct 2011

GSA was fun!   The massive Minneapolis Convention Center was packed from wall to wall with people, presentations and posters.  Midwest GeoSciences Group was there in the midst of it all!

Busy Days at GSA (Keegan and Joe Julik pictured)

One of the many event highlights was to see so many geoscientists wearing their GeoMan or GeoWoman shirts in their "sartorial splendor" (thanks to Jim Butler for that wondrous descriptor!) 
Cait and Sean from Northern Illinois University Go Huskies!
GeoWoman Liliana's smile speaks for itself

Even the SuperHero GeoMan Thomas was unleashed at GSA! Thomas and Keegan looking great!
GeoMan Austin sporting the Hi-Vis Safety T during Day Two. If we were outside, you could easily see how he is Outstanding in the Field!

Thank you to all the GSA organizers and sponsors for hosting a world-class conference event.  GSA is like a family reunion in so many ways, but with too many family members to connect with in just a few days.  If we missed you, you're invited to send us an email at dan@midwestgeo.com and we are glad to send you a 2012 catalog with our latest offerings!