19 October 2010

Five Year Milestone @ In-Situ, Inc.

Thank you to In-Situ, Inc for hosting us for the past five years to conduct Aquifer Testing for Improving Hydrogeologic Analysis Featuring AQTESOLV and the In-Situ Level TROLL. It was a wonderful milestone to reach together and we appreciate the opportunity to conduct this unique educational experience at your headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado allowing full access to your world-class facility.

Thank you to the course attendees too.  We hope to exceed your expectations every time by truly teaching meaningful concepts, field methods and data analysis strategies.    It has been a privilege to meet all of you and hear your stories too from unique field experiences to "implausible" data sets. 

The course instructors (Jim Butler and Glenn Duffield) and I don't take your attendance for granted and we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm for aquifer testing.  We realize the challenges you face because we face them too during our own slug testing and pumping test projects.  Together, I suspect we have provided our clients, employers and taxpayers meaningful solutions to those common challenges.  We applaud you, the course attendees....plus we thank In-Situ, Inc. for making it happen.

 Jim Butler shown kicking off the aquifer testing course on 05 October 2010.