19 October 2016

Pumped About Aquifer Testing

Aquifer testing isn't easy.   Successful aquifer testing is dependent on many technical elements....such as a sound conceptual model, effective field management, robust transducers and data loggers, understanding of data analysis, confidence in recognizing the trouble areas, and ability to deliver a meaningful solution to the purpose of the testing.

With so many possible challenges, Midwest GeoSciences Group is grateful to In-Situ, Inc for hosting our aquifer testing course at their corporate HQ in Fort Collins, Colorado....and their assistance in teaching modernized aquifer testing.

Jim Butler, PhD and Glenn Duffield lead the way during this two day course that demystifies both slug testing and aquifer pumping tests.  Jim and Glenn are great instructors with great insight and we are inspired by great enthusiasm from great participants!!!

Action shot of Jim Butler teaching slug testing.
Glenn Duffield coaching participants during the AQTESOLV analysis sessions

Thank you - most of all - to the participants.   My favorite part of the two days is connecting with and learning from participants about their projects and other fun facts.    This year's participants were an exceptional group of professionals who take great pride in their work and achievements.  We tip our hat to you.

2016 Aquifer Testing Course Super Stars