11 March 2012

Who is GeoMan?

GeoMan.  GeoWoman.   

The Midwest GeoSciences Group conducts short courses mainly for environmental and engineering industry and as a result we meet many geoscientists along the way.

A few years ago we adopted the names GeoMan and GeoWoman, for our safety and field apparel.   The initial idea the GeoMan and GeoWoman has since evolved into a variety of concepts, one of which is the SuperHero.  Sport shirts and T-shirts showing the GeoMan SuperHero is growing into a popular and fun item for geoscientists.  Keep your eye out this year for the new 2012 GeoMan or GeoWoman SuperHero apparel and send us your photos and we want to post them to our website!
Keegan and GeoMan Steve surfing at Bondi Beach, Sydney
Surf's Up at Bondi Beach while Keegan prepare's to catch a wave

Pictured is Tony Ward (Head Coach) and Tristran Moran and Andre Taylor (players) of the New Zealand Professional Rugby Team, The Hurricanes