28 August 2021

MidwestGeo @ Porchfest Carmel 2021

Porchfest in Carmel, Indiana is just simply one fun community event among several that my family enjoys in the summertime.

In case you haven't heard of Porchfest, it's a free, family-friendly day of music played from neighborhood porches.  This year, 50+ bands will play from 20+ porches in the neighborhood located north of Main Street within the Art and Design District. 

This year, Midwest GeoSciences Group is going to sponsor and support Porchfest on new level.  

Midwest GeoSciences Group had the privilege of serving the City of Carmel on some past hydrogeologic and engineering projects where we sampled the deep soil sequence to bedrock.   Our team developed the geologic model that’s used today by the City, and their contractors.   It’s a unique privilege to decipher geologic history anywhere, but it’s very special when you can do it in your hometown.

MidwestGeo has donated soil columns and stratigraphic posters of “Carmel Geology” to the “All Things Carmel Store”.   If you’re ever interested in talking about Carmel Geology, look us up on our website, midwestgeo.com, and call me anytime.  

You can see how much fun this musical community event it.  After all, isn’t rock music a good fit for geoscience?  (Almost as good as "The Geology of Beer" online event this year, LOL)

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