23 September 2015

Association of Engineering Geologists 2015 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh

Engineering geology is among my favorite geoscience subjects.  The applied nature of designing structures based on the subsurface require a true mastery of multidimensional disciplines.  Engineering geologists truly inspire me because of the process where lessons are learned from project to project based on the critical nature of constant improvement for engineering success.

The annual meeting in Pittsburgh this week is chock full of great examples of how engineering geologists prioritize protection of human life ranging from mechanical factors of safety to simple love for people.  For example, today a keynote speaker shared a research project about identifying a high probability for a potential landslide will likely save many lives. 

Midwest GeoSciences Group is honored to contribute to the 2015 AEG Annual Meeting through our exhibitor booth, technical presentations and teaching a short course about rock core logging.  It's our priveledge to contribute to such a thoughtful and meaningful organization.

Dan Kelleher and Matt Benson, both Northern Illinois University Dept of Geology Alumni.

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