21 June 2024

"Prepared from the Beginning"

Molly Newell, President of EnviroNet, Inc. and her team deserve a special Congratulations on their successful completion coupled with a stellar performance during the full-day training event in their office, TAKING THE MYSTERY OUT OF THE SUBSURFACE.

The team’s positive engagement was among the highest performing classes I’ve ever taught. They were prepared to learn at the onset and it’s clear that they took their field analysis skills to the next level.  The Final Exams proved they are some of the most capable geo-professionals in the environmental and engineering industry.

What particularly impresses me is their understanding of subsurface depositional environments and ability to decipher subsurface relationships for the purpose of developing Conceptual Site Models. 

I've already been told that their projects are benefiting from learning and applying these critical skills for there contracted Hydrogeologic Site Investigations, Phase II and III ESAs, Ground Water Monitoring System Designs, and Remediation System Designs.  And I understand the training is especially benefitting in ways that Molly mentioned during the training applied to remediation design and costs utilized to develop the Analysis for Brownfield Clean up Alternatives (ABCA).

Keep up the good work!   -Dan

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