11 November 2022

Rockstar SuperHero Barry to the rescue.

 This post is dedicated to Becky, Barry, Chris, and the other great people who work at my local UPS Store.

Midwest GeoSciences Group released the SOIL CLASSIFICATION EXAM KIT on November 1, 2022 and we are happy with this unique training experience featuring both soil samples and an online journey of quizzes, questions, and tutorials, not to mention lab data sheets for each of the five testing methods for all 18 samples.  

It took nearly 10 years to assemble this special collection of 18 soil samples because it took that long to find sources of soil that were both uniform and had sufficient volume (and accessible).   From another perspective it took 4 months longer than expected for the release date to arrive due to subtle, little, squeaky QA metrics with soil batch index testing.  And lastly it took a couple of months longer than expected because the online portion grew from just providing the answers and lab data sheet to a myriad of quizzes, questions, and tutorials.

Rockstar SuperHero Barry coming to the rescue.

Responsive distribution of the SOIL CLASSIFICATION EXAM KIT is a priority after an order is received.  Great help from Becky, Barry, Chris and others who are professional and knowledgeable help the entire process.  I tip my hat to them.  -Dan Kelleher

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