07 September 2020

What is an "Online-Offline Course?"

Online:  You watch it on your computer screen.

Offline: You can hold it in your hand.

Midwest GeoSciences Group is diving deep into personalized training experiences.  We are finding that that multi-delivery mechanism of both online course modules (a cousin to webinars) combined printed study materials, tutorials, and other teaching tools help create a more effective LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

The offline experience forced me to pay attention to course lessons and I learned more than I expected. -Course Participant

For example, a tutorial that nudges the participant to think, not just read an example, while understanding that his/her answer will be reviewed by an instructor actually goes beyond most on-site continuing education short courses. Here's a simple example:

Another example is testing your soil classification abilities using the USCS CALIBRATED BASELINE SOIL KIT.  The questions begin with simple, basic ones and then progress where a more in-depth understanding is required:

The Essential Steps for Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface 2.0 is re-designed into an online-offline course.  It begins with a video and self-assessment that is used for establishing personalized learning goals.  The Course Syllabus gives the details for what to expect.

Plus, the concept of a personalized FINAL EXAM is a powerful teaching tool too.  Taking the Mystery Out of the Subsurface 2.0 includes a 3-part final exam: (1) Soil Classification Testing, (2) Written Test, and (3) Case Study Exam Questions geographically located specific to each participant.  

GRADUATION CERTIFICATES ARE INCLUDED in these personalized courses too.  Northern Illinois University evaluates the course content and then administers the official CEU certificate  It's another benefit of single-person enrollment, besides a career-changing learning experience.

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