04 June 2020

Transformation is Priceless

I recall a field project working with a subcontracted drilling crew, a surveyor, a mobile lab, and other co-workers.  From time to time, a co-worker would bring clients and regulators to the project site.  All these interactions demanded open lines of constant communication – yet I was buried with the day to day technical work.

I realized that the success of the project, the success of the business, and the success of my career were all tied to how I interacted with each of these people. However, despite me understanding the importance of my communication style and interaction skills, I didn’t understand the mechanics or reasoning behind it. It was as if I had a veil over my wishful eyes – clearly seeing the need, but no clarity on the solution.

Then, later in my career, I met Bill and Joann Truby at a project management training intensive.  It was then I learned the ‘magical elements’ for connecting and working with others. They lifted the veil. They taught me the communication and interaction skills that are the foundation of success. But that’s not all.

They gave me plenty of other easily implementable tools that I could practice and be an effective leader. They taught me how to be even more successful with a process that builds a high-performing, accountable team. Then they capped it off with lifting the veil to authentically grow my business and client list.

Their teachings and tools, grounded in the Truby Management System, have become my Motis Operendi….my natural way of doing things. Life is easier, smoother, more successful. And, now, I want to share this knowledge with you… I want everyone to learn it. 

You don’t have to be like me and try, for years, to go it alone.  You can have a “business partner” in the Trubys. They have created an online experience that removes the veil for anyone. The Truby Management System is the online experience that spoon feeds teachings in 5 to 10-minute videos that immediately change a person’s mindset and behavior, and leads to instant, measurable success.
Learning all of this is transformational. And transformation is priceless because not only does our work become easier, but so does life.

I believe in my success so much, and realize where the boost came from, that I’ve become an affiliate of Truby Achievements so I can offer my friends, family and colleagues access to these seeds of success. See for yourself, here.

I’m glad to share more details about the program, my story, or insight about how you can nudge your employer to pay for your membership.

-Dan Kelleher, PG, CIPM

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