30 October 2018

No Substitute for evaluation, observation, and knowledge

What does it take to unravel the complexities of glacial depositional environments?

There are no short cuts,
There are no magic wands,
There are no magic soil classifications,
There is no statistical manipulation or sophisticated field techniques that will figure it out for us,
And Alexa won’t tell us what the geology is.

We are the ones that have to make the evaluation, and that involves careful observation and knowledge of glacial depositional environments and deposits, and experience.

More Information

HYDROGEOLOGIC IMPLICATIONS OF COMPLEX GLACIAL DEPOSITS: Subglacial and Ice-Marginal Depositional Environments 

Second in the webinar series, Hydrogeology of Glacial Deposits 
Thursday 01 NOV 2018 @ 1pm-3pm CT 
by Tim Kemmis, PhD, PG 

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