19 August 2017

"The Mountain" in the In-Situ, Inc Photo

In-Situ, Inc uses an engaging photograph of a conspicuous mountain for our collaborative Aquifer Testing Course.  Here is the course banner created by In-Situ, Inc:

I recently receive a phone call about the course and was asked about the photo.  It didn't take long for the caller to share he recognized the mountain, the national park, and geography in the foreground!  

Steve Jones, a geologist who originated from the Fort Collins area was the caller.  Steve recognized the center mountain as Long's Peak referencing it's elevation of 14,256 ft msl.  He pointed out Meeker Peak is to the left and Fort Collins along with Horseshoe Reservoir is in the foreground.  

Steve sent me the photo below showing the view to the west from Berthoud, CO.  He said this is his favorite area - the Indian Peaks - that are visible in the photo to the left of Long's Peak!

Photo courtesy of Steve Jones

Thank you Steve Jones, for your insight and thoughtfulness!  Excellent!!!! :-)

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