08 September 2016

Groundwater Assessment and Modeling by C.P. Kumar

Groundwater Assessment and Modeling by C.P. Kumar is a comprehensive masterpiece covering the major topics of groundwater with a special focus on water resources in India.  Dr. C.P. Kumar, PhD authored this treatise based on his lifetime work and mastery of hydrogeology.

The book covers a spectrum of topics from simple data quality to advanced ground water concepts and modeling.  Dr. C.P. Kumar reported that he was motivated to write this book for undergraduate and postgraduate students, hydrgeologists and engineers, and researchers who immerse themselves in ground water science too.

I recommend this book for it's comprehensive coverage of ground water topics...it exceeds 300 pages with more than 20 chapters.  The timing of it's release is perfect with the current demand of assessment and modeling applied to groundwater over-exploitation deserving judicious and scientific resource management and conservation. 

Congratulations, Dr. C.P. Kumar on your outstanding work!!
 -Dan Kelleher 08SEPT2016

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