30 October 2015

Ten Year Milestone @ In-Situ, Inc.

Fort Collins in October is a great place to be.  Not only because of the peak fall colors and the freedom to drive around without traffic, but also because October marks the time of year when Midwest GeoSciences Group and In-Situ, Inc collide universes to conduct a 2-day aquifer testing course that has become the Go-To educational experience for aquifer testing.

2015 is the 10-year milestone for conducting the 2-day aquifer testing course at In-Situ, Inc and on behalf of the instructors and our In-Situ hosts, THANK YOU TO THE PARTICIPANTS to attend. Thank you to all of those who have attended during the past 10 years, and especially those who have attended several times.  Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and positive energy make the course an enriching experience for learning and technical mastery.

In-Situ, Inc is the center of the universe in terms of transducers and dataloggers for aquifer testing, so the course location is the perfect fit. Course participants get an inside look at the inner sanctum of manufacturing, production and distribution at the exact place where our equipment is made and shipped.   Thank you to all In-Situ staff for making the tours a fun and fruitful event.  -Dan

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