23 April 2014

Project Management Course, Truby Acheivements Style

"Empowering", "Enlightening", "Inspiring", and "Fantastic" are words taken from the course feedback forms describing this unique and meaningful course.

Thank you to Bill and Joann Truby for leading the instruction during the 2-day "Project Management Course" by Midwest GeoSciences Group in April.  Thanks to Lori Peters too for leading course segments on "QA/QC" and "Relentless Accountability".

Most of all, thanks to the course attendees for accepting their in-course assignments and participating in the exercises that enriches this amazing course experience.

Bill Truby leading the course sessions with Joann on his right.
Bill and Joann Truby have taught this course for Midwest GeoSciences Group since 2007.  From year to year, the course segments update with depth and effectiveness.  

For me, it is amazing to re-learn the difference - and more importantly, the outcome - between "communicating" and "connecting" with people.  We all "communicate", but only small minority can truly "connect" in a genuine way.  This course teaches people how to connect, and create mutually beneficial outcomes for everyone.  That is a great gift given to us through Bill and Joann and it overflows from our professional work into our personal lives.....thus everyone around us benefits, always.

Lori Peters teaching personal and professional benefits of working with "Accountable People"
The classroom was on the top floor of the Begin Tower on campus at the South Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).  Thank you to SAIT for allowing access into this perfect classroom with 40-mile views overlooking Calgary, the far prairies, and the Canadian Rockies.

Laura (foreground) and Colleen (in back) maneuvering through a team-based exercise illustrating how efficiency plays a role in our everyday habits and project plans.
One of the powerful elements of this course that makes it both resonate with attendees and fun for everyone is the exercises.  After all, not all project management can be accepted sitting down, right?

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