24 January 2017

Aquifer Testing at the Texas Ground Water Association 2017 Annual Meeting

Aquifer pumping tests can be challenging to say the least.  But new insights for design strategies, advances in AQTESOLV analysis software, and simplification of data loggers and transducers have allowed gigantic steps for obtaining reproducible and reliable results.

Midwest GeoSciences Group contributed to the 2017 Annual Meeting for the Texas Ground Water Association.  Thanks to many TGWA visionaries for inviting us to contribute to the meeting success by kicking it off with our two-day aquifer testing course.  

"Observation wells are best placed when they're not too close, and not too far..."
is a priceless insight from instructor Jim Butler introducing pumping test design.
Jim Butler and Glenn Duffield are humbled as I am to teach aquifer testing while connecting with participants.  Special thanks to Russell Park who helped teach us about the latest technologies about field equipment and it's operation. We tip our hats to participants for their dedication to personal achievement through continuing education and aquifer testing skill development.

We enjoyed our visit to San Marcos, Texas and especially meeting so many great people at both the course and the 2017 annual meeting.

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