02 April 2014

Project Management Course in Calgary 2014

Rarely do project managers get a chance to learn the secret of how you, your team and technology blend together to create a well-balanced and positive synergistic outcome. This outcome is often outside the purview and skill sets of the project manager, not by design but by default. Here’s why:


You go to school to learn about geologic science or engineering. You like it. You’re good at it. And because you’re good at applying your knowledge and skills within a project you are asked to manage a project.

THIS IS THE CLASSIC PROMOTION: A person trained and great at technical skills promoted to something that is beyond training and experience. Your scientific knowledge and field experience take a screeching halt when it comes to project management. So, by default, you end up using people as resources, extensions of you, to perform as best you can.

You do it and you do it well.

You’ve been doing it now for years. But inside you wonder if there isn’t a better way. Your success is real, but limited to what you know. Your company depends on your doing these projects. Your career depends on how you do these projects. And the more time goes by the less you are able to seek help to do anything more than what you’ve been doing. But you know the reality of that: If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

Today’s project managers are presented with unique challenges requiring integration of multidisciplinary teams with various responsibilities and technological capabilities while balancing client relationships and increasing profits. For example, managing our resources today typically means doing more with less time, money and staff. Opportunities to acquire the skills and perspective to improve your project management style to the point where it becomes natural and consistent are rare - but you have one now.

Build and maintain a well-balanced and high-performance team by motivating and empowering your staff coupled with creating a team culture that is attractive to both employees and clients. Learn the secret of implementing project QA/QC to become a high-performance team where everyone promotes relentless accountability. Once you gain this new perspective, results are immediate.

Register now for this 2-day course that will forever change and improve your personal and project management skills. You will gain the power to achieve greater success the minute you return to your current project.....and the personal outcome overflows into every element of your life.

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