16 June 2011

Solid "H(o) Slug" .....what is it?

Pronounced:  H naught slug

The Solid H(o) Slug is a traditional solid slug that is designed to yield a pre-estimated initial displacement during a slug test. 

It's a new item available only through Midwest GeoSciences Group.  The H(o) Slug may ordered in either teflon or PVC.  

Calculated initial displacement is represented by "H(o)*" where H is the calculated distance of instanteous change at time zero (o) in water level created by the the slug.  "H(o)" is the measured initial displacement.  It is important to compare calculated H(o)* with measured H(o) as part of the QA/QC of the slug test for checking the reliability of test data.

The 60-sec video below shows initial displacement occurring within a two-inch diamter well using the H(o) Slug for a one-foot initial displacement.  Note how the water level changes by 1 foot after dropping the slug mimicing the initial displacement during a falling head slug test.

The H(o) Slug is available now at http://www.midwestgeo.com/ for both english and metric units:
12 in, 18 in and 24 in  --or--  30cm, 45cm, 60cm. 

Learn why slug testing with different initial displacements is very important and how normalizing the data can create appreciable data analysis efficiences using the FIELD GUIDE FOR SLUG TESTING AND DATA ANALYSIS.

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